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    here is what I have a 8320 (OS from T-mobile, I am currently on Cinicnnati bell network My UMA worked fine till aboout 2 months ago. It doesn't show the UMW any more. I talked with cinicnnati bell and they don't sell the phone so no support. When I am in a UMA zone the WiFi lights up like a christmas tree but no UMA I looked under Diagnostics and this is what it says:under UMA:
    connection perf:WiFi perferred
    UMA WiFi available the circle has a green check
    Connection the circle has a red X
    and under that it gives an error code of eio6

    I am hoping someone can help
    08-19-08 11:33 AM
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    What type of Router? do you know if it has the most up to date firm ware? I had a issue like this with my linksys and the resolution was to upgrade to the newest firmware.
    08-19-08 11:39 AM
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    Thanks already check that, but thanks for trying
    08-19-08 11:42 AM
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    BUMP anyone?
    08-20-08 11:10 AM