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    To the Blackberry Community,

    I am going to be studying abroad for my entire next year of college in London (October-July). My girlfriend will be at home in the US. Our main form of communication is usually via texting, as we both have unlimited texting plans.

    I want to be able to continue doing this, but international texting is crazy expensive. I was thinking if she (on a verizon plan currently) got a blackberry and a data plan, and I got a data plan with a blackberry when I get to London, we could pay a flat fee for internet and BBM without worrying about incurring huge costs.
    I currently have an Iphone so would sell it before I go.

    Would this work for us? What's the best options? I am thinking I could buy a low cost skype calling plan and call her that way on her phone through my computer, and use the BBM as a texting alternative.

    If anyone has any suggestions/comments regarding any of this please help, I am looking for the best and most cost efficient option, but there is SOO much information and choices that I am extremely overwhelmed. Please help

    07-16-11 12:05 PM
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    yeah i'd get a plan in london. probably cheaper than buying an international plan. bbm across the country wouldn't cost you extra if you have a BIS plan.
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    07-16-11 01:52 PM