1. aronjozsa's Avatar
    I have read a lots of pages about how to connect to internet from my BB bold 9000 but i still having some problem. First of all i am from Hungary and my bold is unlocked. My mobile provider is currently Vodafone. My problem is about internet. When i got my phone i was able to use internet with 3g that was a free packed from to provider to try 3g it was working fine. When i spent my data limit i tried to use wifi also and in the beginnings i couldnt but i read a lots of article and finally i figured out how to. That was a long procedure with modifying setting etc but finally it worked. I was happy with my wifi evrything was good. But then i wanted to use 3g again and i simply couldnt. i read houndreds of article but i didint fin anything useful. I bought a 1 gigabyte package from vodafone and now i just only have to enable my setting. First of all i dont know how to change between wifi and 3g browsering. Is it where i set service and hotspot ? if that is i already tried but when i m tring with service it says unabée to open PDP context to the following APN wap:vodafone.net. I tried deleting the apn but it still didnt work. With wifi evrything is fine but 1 i dont know how to change between wifi and 3g and second i dont know how to make 3g work. What browser setting should i need etc please help it is really annoying. sorry for my bad english
    01-21-10 12:41 PM
  2. steveukgb's Avatar
    Where can I find 3g coverage map?
    02-08-10 10:29 PM