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    In looking for a pdf viewer but the one that I downloaded (beam explorer) whants me to download an add on of some sort is there a pdf viewer add or am I barking up the wrong tree

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    05-30-11 10:25 PM
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    DataViz, the same company that created the "Docs2Go" office programs that come with your device has a PDF viewer. You didnt specify your device model, but I downloaded a trial that is good for a month from their website. I dont see it anywhere for purchase individually so it probably comes as part of the premium Docs2Go package, but the premium version is only $15.00. When my trial runs out I will most likely buy it. The native Docs2Go programs that came with the phone are more then enough to do what I need as far as Word and Excel, but to me $15 is a cheap price to pay to not worry about fooling with subpar PDF viewers.
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    Ok nice .... Ok I got a 8530 but I'm just giving it sometime till I up grade to one of the new OS 7 models so I don't really wanna buy right now I just need something for the next few months.... But thanks for the help ill most definitely look in to it

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    05-30-11 11:42 PM