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    I'm sad to say that I'm letting go of my good old trusty cell phone, and my work / life balance, for a BB. Anyhow, can anyone provide recommendations for a BB. I need something that's not heavy, prefer thin models, I've seen the pearl but the buttons are a bit too small. Main usage is to stay connected with work, email, communication, etc.

    Thank you!
    08-24-07 05:05 PM
  2. GotThaTech3188's Avatar
    For starters, what carrier are you going to be using? Since you've looked at the pearl looks like AT&T. You might look into the 8800 (although the 8820 is rumored to be released in September) or the 8300 Curve which are both full qwerty keypads. The 8800 does have built in GPS and the 8820 will presumably have wi-fi. Welcome to Crackberry!
    08-24-07 05:12 PM
  3. MiniBB's Avatar
    The 8703e has a great qwerty keypad, the buttons are spaced well and easy to use. It doesn't have a camera so its good if you work in a sensitive area. Also, according members of this forum, it has the fewest glitches.
    08-25-07 05:43 PM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    We really need to know what carrier you will be using, then we can make some recommendations.
    08-26-07 02:27 PM
  5. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Identify your needs is the first thing to do. Different BlackBerry models, different add-ons. GPS or camera or no camera at all, would make a difference? Which do you prefer? Questions you need to answer yourself. Once you identified that, figure which carrier you are going to go with. If you are flexible in that department, check their data plan, area coverage. You wouldn't want to get a device for which once you bring it home, you won't be able to play with it.

    Finally, when all of the above has been over and done with, visit the store. Play with it. See how it feels. It is easy to read the configuration and features online, but getting your hands on one is a totally different story.
    08-26-07 08:02 PM
  6. cant live witout my bb's Avatar
    Welcome aboard jordan28. I'd say go with the 8703e or the 8800. Keep us posted on your choice.

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    08-27-07 12:06 AM
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    Thanks for everyone's recommendations. My carrier is T-mobile. Is there a BB that you'd recommend with TMobile? I spent this weekend at work checking email, and reviewing documents which I could have just brought my laptop home to do but again, really trying to keep some type of work life balance. I'm sure you all can relate.

    Mainly using it to check and respond to emails. Calendaring, tasks pad. Minimal travel. Since this will be the all in one (work and personal phone) I'll need something that also allows text messages and a cell phone plan.

    Thanks again. You've all provided great options. If you think there is one that might fit me better please shout.
    08-27-07 04:54 PM