1. Asadintrouble's Avatar
    hey guys ! my blackberry feel into the water a week bk and i kinda dryed it off and stuff it was workin fine bt i later found out tht the bluetooth and the wifi werent workin !! -_-
    so my problem here !! wht should i do !! there aint no warrenty coz i got the mobile opened from smewhere else soo noo warrenty !! is there anyone there tht can help me out =) thnks
    06-25-10 11:38 AM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    If it got wet and you didn't give it enough time and care to properly dry it, then I hate to inform you but you most likely need a new phone. "kinda dried it off and stuff" doesn't sound like you took the proper steps in making sure the phone was completely dry before turning it back on.

    If there was any water and/or residue in your phone when you put the battery in then you most likely fried the phone. It will never work right again.
    06-25-10 11:52 AM
  3. tes5884's Avatar
    You can try putting it into a box of rice or silicon packlets for 24/48 hrs. However if you turned it on before it was dry you're probably gonna need a new phone

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    06-25-10 01:08 PM