1. BUMBLE B's Avatar
    Hey all, i need your help or suggestions please! Just got the new jawbone 2. it pairs fine...i am having issues with being heard by whoever im on the phone with. they all say it sounds like the volume is going up then down, or better yet like im talking close to the phone then holding it away in the same sentence. i know i have an older version of the pearl 8100, and the JB2 maybe uses an upgraded version of bluetooth?

    help me please!!!! i dont want to get a new headset, and really dont want to change phones...

    also im new to the CB site so not sure how pms work and all that. responses to the thread would be best...i guess...

    thanks for all you future help!
    12-17-08 10:26 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    What I would do is see if I can find someone who has a different headset, pair it with the new headset and see if the problem is the same. If it's fine with the new headset, you blew $100 on the JB2.
    12-17-08 10:33 PM
  3. gammaxgoblin's Avatar
    This is your problem. The Jawbone is called so because of that little white piece of rubber. That thing must be touching your face at all times. That is how it isolates your voice from the surrounding noise. It is, most likely, pulling away from your cheek and causing the noise reduction to malfunction. How do I know? I had the same problem and I sell them. Find the right combination of earloop size and earbud size to get the correct fit. AND make sure to keep it pressed against your skin. If you press and hold the back button, while in a call, you can turn off the noise assassin and then it wont matter if it is touching your cheek. If you keep the noise assassin turned off all the time, go get a cheaper BT!
    12-17-08 11:34 PM