1. ElwinAdam#CB's Avatar
    Basically a couple of days ago i installed a hybrid for my bold 9700 and everything works fine. In the hybrid is bbm6 .522 i think im not sure i just know its the highest one as of now. I can speak to everyone in my contact list except my one friend...when i have her added i can say stuff to her which she can see but when she answers them i dont get the message(she tells me she answers them) can someone help me out? it would be a great help
    04-05-11 07:41 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    You could try using the release version of BBM. Delete BBM from your device, then go to http://www.blackberry.com/messenger
    04-05-11 08:48 PM
  3. ElwinAdam#CB's Avatar
    Yeah but the thing is i like bbm6 its quick not laggy and cool....The problem is that for some reason this one contact caaant talk to me....i could add her and she would add me i would say somehing and she would reply but i wouldnt get the message and on her blackberry she has just a check while she recieved my messages
    04-05-11 08:57 PM