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    Alright so I been addicted to my 9700 and 9780 for the past 2 years but I'm starting to get tired of it. I looked at the 9900 and I like it a lot... But I think I've grown old of this blackberry thing. Like the lack of apps and them never really adding anything new to the os has gotten to me and I'm leaning toward the mytouch 4g slide :/ like I used it and it was aamazing. Idk what to do, like I love blackberrys but I've waited long enough for REAL apps. Can someone be honest and tell me which one they think is better? Cause tbh... The mytouch is getting to me with the big screen, huuuuge number of GOOD free apps and the keyboard.. Its not no blackberry keyboard but hey.. The screen is huge, very customizable and I can still type fast.. Never thought I'd like a android >;o

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    android has awesome apps no doubt about it...

    i personally went the same way you did as well... i changed to an atrix for a couple weeks.... and as soon as the 9900 dropped i picked that up, started using it and havent looked back...

    Now android is awesome for apps, and i do miss a couple of them. but for me i need the keyboard (typing an email out (which is what i do mostly) is a pain on glass) and email capabilities...

    what you can do is get the android use it a while and see if you really do like it, and then make the choice on what you think if what is best for YOU. we cant tell you what you want, or need...
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    Hmmm.. This is true. They should just make the android app player for the 9900 -_- like I really really can't wait anymore. They have netflix and everything n google maps is as good as my garmin gps -_- ill try both since tmobile gives you 2 weeks to return

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    LOLLLL. I know! :/ dam I'm gunna see what apps they got the bb doesn't.. I really need this battery life n maybe the keyboard.

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    There is a reason there are so many different phones out there, to accomodate all the different tastes we all have. I can tell you only what works for me and that is the BB phones. If you like the android, I say go for it especially if like you said Tmobile gives you a two week trial period, why not take advantage of that and see how you feel about it in two weeks.
    08-31-11 08:30 AM
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    There are a million of these threads. As the others have said, we can't pick your phone for you. Make a list of what you need and what you want. Prioritize it, and then find the phone that matches up best.
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    You could ALSO do what I do an use an older Android phone, wifi only as a mini tablet for the android apps. Right now I'm using a Droid 1, BUT I'm about to upgrade to a Droid X (I'm trading my 9650 for it). My phone is a 9930 and I LOVE it, BUT I use the Droid for the apps, it's like a mini tablet, or an ipod touch (which I also have for iOS). Best of ALL worlds!!!! Older Androids are afforable on the after market.
    08-31-11 08:52 AM