1. natejasper133's Avatar
    Hello people,
    I called a landline number from my mobile today and had a 30 minute conversation but when I look at my phone log it says I called my own mobile number. Has this happened to anyone else? Tech guys at service provider came back with nothing. Appreciate this may not be a specific blackberry issue but it's never happened with previous phones - just hoping someone on here may be able to shed some light!
    Thanks for your time,
    07-10-18 08:32 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    What device are we talking about? My suspicion is that its NOT the device. I believe it actually IS the carrier (yours or theirs) OR it may have something to do with VoIP, or an internet phone line. These ARE land lines but they use the internet instead of your local baby Bell. For example the phone service you get from your cable company (triple play baby!) is VoIP. Many businesses have gone to VoIP lines also.
    07-10-18 08:47 AM

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