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    Hello everyone, Greetings from Venezuela.

    I came here looking for some guidance. You'll see, I'm a Blackberry 8900 (javellin) user, it has been a wonderful phone, but I'm looking to buy a new one. First I thought to buy a BB9780, but to be honest my hands itch wanting to try an android phone. looking around I saw many nice phones, I specially like the samsung galaxy S line.

    I guess the question is would you recomend the change from BB into Android? and Which device would you recomend?

    As a side note: I can only spend $400 (stupid currency controls in my country).
    06-03-11 09:29 AM
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    In all honesty, the only person that can decide is you. There are a lot of good devices out now and more being released in the coming moths. I would suggest thinking about what features you most need and want in a device, then go hands on with as many different devices as you can. Do research and read reviews from different web sites. Take your time and don't get rushed into buying something that you may later not be happy with.
    06-03-11 10:18 AM
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    Well I would say the Blackberry will leave you better for the reason that you are an avid 8900 user... Though I love Blackberry for its features, usability, battery etc. I really think Android phones are nice. As the previous person who replied said do your research and find what suits you. I can help you saying that if you switch to Android or iOS you will miss 2 things:
    1. The beautiful keyboard
    2. The battery life and features
    Both phones are nice but the ultimate decision goes to you....
    I prefer BB

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    06-03-11 10:49 AM
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    Read this thread and should help give you some more insight:

    06-03-11 11:02 AM