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    In my calender function there is 2 calenders: gmail and my BB calender. I was using one of the preloaded themes, the one where you can see upcoming calender events, missed calls and messages. I know that there is 83 events in the gmail calender but only one in the BB calender and THAT'S the only event that's showing up! I have at least 3 appts today and for the life of me I can't figure out how to move the entire gmail calender to the BB calender so I can see my events again. I should mention that I downloaded google sync and ran it on my old phone and when I transfered the data from that one I think that's why I have the to calenders. I deleted the google sync app though. How do I 'unsync' them and get all my info back on its original calender, my BB. I downloaded the sync app cause I wanted to put my events ON the google calender only!! I did NOT think they would make their own calender in my phone *whew* so that's the jist of it any advice??

    **** I just checked my google calender online and my events arent even on there****

    ***when I set google as my default calendar all my dates show up. I want my BB calendar to be primary with all of my events****

    Im lost guys
    11-12-08 11:52 AM
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    When you use Google Sync it will sync to the email address you have registered with the online Google Calendar, so if you have a @gmail.com address and that's what your calendar is registered with that's what the appts will sync to on the phone. If you want if to sync with your BB email you can try creating a new Google Calendar account using the BB email and have the sync associate with that.

    If that doesn't work then you'll have to wipe your calendar and start from scratch.

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    11-12-08 01:28 PM