1. john redcorn's Avatar
    I apologize if this is already answered somewhere, but I did a search with no luck.

    I am using a BB torch. On our corporate land lines, we have a voicemail server that sends attachments to the BB when a voicemail is left for a user on the PBX. The voicemail comes in as a message with the From field something like From: johnsmith@abcvoicemail.com

    I have end users who have like and user the "Auto Open" feature on their BB, so when a new message arrives and they un-holster, the new message opens. However, this causes issues with keeping track of the messages that are from the voicemail server.

    Is there a way to either filter messages from anyone at the @abcvoicemail domain to not alert the end users? Or, is there a way to disable the auto open based on who the message is from?
    12-02-11 08:56 AM