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    I am a disabled person [relating to visually, mobility and dexterity impairments] seeking desperately needed and TIME SENSITIVE ADVICE.

    I had used the old Blackberry OS 5.x and I LOVED IT for years! You could make fonts bigger & customize your home screen so easily that the apps I used were always at my fingertips, I never saw the ones I did not use and there was room in the middle for a photo. Now I MUST buy a new phone & I am going CRAZY with these new screens, everything moves [their is no locking - I asked the techs at RIM] the default being ALL of the applications displayed - NOT MY FAVORITES - nothing stays the same on the screen - it is maddening!

    I don't understand MOST of what I read in these forums so try not to be too techie please in your response - I am a novice [actually just don't know the new technologies]. I need to replace my Blackberry & my service provider. Anyone have experience with Consumer Cellular as a provider? Their rates are GREAT! But I am worried that I won't have access to RIM Tech Support if I go with Consumer Cellular.

    BTW - The only reason I am even thinking of buying a phone is because AT&T allowed my cellular identity to be stolen & it corrupted my Blackberry! Three months later and about 40 + hours of phone time, I have a Blackberry paperweight & I am DONE with AT&T!

    I also need a theme that is easy to read & disabled friendly [theme text should be adustable or at least 10 pt type] - I have NEVER used a theme & am afraid I will screw things up. I don't really need a SMART PHONE but I need the keyboard as I am not as dexterous as I used to be - I must contact my husband by text & keep track of numerous appointments. I cannot use a "virtual keyboard". I don't use email - probably won't surf the net unless I need a phone # - I use it for making calls, texting, taking photos & keeping my calendar alarms.

    If anyone READS THIS & either knows or who is mobility impaired, or disabled, could please respond to my posting with your
    recommendation[s] for a Blackberry model that is DISABLED FRIENDLY [no touch screens -can't use] - BIGGER KEYS - backlit keyboard & CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

    Also, who is your FAVORITE SERVICE PROVIDER??


    Please respond if you can help. Thank you so very much for constructive assistance and advice.

    My thanks in advance for your time and kind attention.
    01-25-13 07:21 PM

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