1. ickes5492's Avatar
    hi i got a blackberry curve 8530 (verizon) off one of my relatives and well its being complete garbage i viewed tons of forums but noone seems to have the same problem what it does is after a while, while using it, it starts glitching and acting up for example i went to close out of an app and it kept bringing back the app and jumping from screen to screen like it would be at the home screen then it would jump back to when i closed the app the timer symbol keeps popping up and it wont quit now when i remove the battery and turn it back on it works fine but roughly around 30 mins later it starts doing it again i dont get it now i tried doing a wipe and so far its running ok but if it starts acting up again i dnt know wat else to do is this a sign of moisture problems because it really got me stumped any help would be much appreciated.. thankyou
    11-09-11 09:18 PM
  2. zgods1's Avatar
    I can suggest 2 things that may or may not work. My first thoughts are, that your OS is corrupt or it is a moisture issue. I would be leaning more towards a moisture issue. Similiar thing happened to me with my Bold 9000. I had apps mucking up and would be fine sometimes, and i couldnt type cause keys wouldn't work properly. Try putting the phone in a zip lock bag with 1/4 cup of rice. Leave it for two days and see if its working. But first i'd try setting the device to factory reset and then re-installing the latest OS through BBDM.

    Hope this helps!!!
    11-09-11 11:21 PM