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    Ok so i need a new phone and blackberry has been popping up all over...and i even bumped into a site which had pics of all the well known celebs using the blackberry...so I'm pretty convinced it has to be good...but right now seeing how the Curve8900 and Bold9000 has been out for sometime now...am not sure if I should wait for the upcoming models or just get myself the bold as i've been eyeing it for sometime now...upcoming models that would suit my taste are onyx (bold II 9700), driftwood and magnum. I like the bold for its looks mainly but wished it did haf the trackpad on it instead of the ball like the way 9700 has but doubt its going to appear in carriers anytime soon...anyway pls advise me if i should get the bold9000 now or is it a pretty outdated phone and if i should wait for either of those 3 upcoming models to come out before purchasing...?

    All advise appreciated
    09-09-09 09:33 PM