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    So as we can all agree BB10 isn't the hit we all expected. Sales haven't been good. The loses on phones have been massive.

    BlackBerry is hurting, they are being squeezed out with every phone they aren't selling. But BlackBerry security is still tops in the business and there will always be a need for security.

    What if BlackBerry can intergrate their security while actually making android phones. When bb10 hit they advertised the ability to switch between enterprise and personal side for the phones. So using that thought, imagine a phone with bb10 gestures and the hub and peak and flow, while still being an android device, access to their ecosystems and services it's an android phone, but you can switch to your "secure" side, on this side you get the security of blackberry, but here's the kicker the USER decided what they want to make "blackberry secured "bbs"" perhaps your work email is bbs, your banking apps, LinkedIn, maybe facebook, but the games you can get I'm Google play, the other apps that dony need bbs, etc etc the point being the USER decides the level of security so this way blackberry still can have all the benefits of selling android and getting their phones in peoples hands because people still need and want security.
    01-15-14 10:47 PM
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    This sounds familiar......... You want a BlackBerry that runs Android with BlackBerry security. You should probably listen to the latest podcast as well if you haven't already, more specifically the 'Bring BlackBerry experiences to Android' part. - http://crackberry.com/kevin-michaluk...pen-blackberry

    [In before the hoards of people come to tell you that that is NOT what they want]
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    01-15-14 10:51 PM
  3. Umaima_B_Dia's Avatar
    "It is not what I want" :P

    I have seen hardware qwerty android devices, just do not cut it.
    Even despite BlackBerry's security, I do not like Android's "all-over-the-place" OS.

    I use GT-P1000 w/ CM11 (KitKat), I wouldn't ever imagine myself using it regularly. At least where I live, I have seen people make choices based on what's popular. "It's popular for a reason".

    Brothers and husbands make choices for the women, so they end up buying Android or iPhone. I could rant all day -_- so I'll just end here.

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    01-15-14 11:03 PM

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