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    Hey all being in the uk we get NCIS after the states but just seen our current episode which is episode 3 season 9 Ziva gets a message on her bb but i didnt recognise which model it was anybody know what it is?
    01-29-12 04:51 PM
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    hehe - I think I first recognised an 7230 or 6230 which tony was using in one episode.

    Since then a saw a lot of BBs there. (BTW Nikita also is a BB commericial )

    Season 3? uff that is about 5+ Years ago so did it already has a curve ball/trackball or still a wheel on the right?

    if you one check there are some sites (I will add this later ) on the web where you perhabs can check which it is.

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    01-29-12 05:57 PM