1. schrochem#CB's Avatar
    I know this is talked about a lot....but I can't seem to find something specific for the sms threading in 5.0
    After seeing the blog results, I'm deciding if I like my messages all together.
    I have two email accounts and SMS/MMS all going to the messages folder.
    I'd like to easily see which is which.
    Right now both email accounts looks the same. SMS are different only by the bubble symbol instead of the envelope.
    I was able to put a filter in for one email to send it as "Priority", now it comes over with a red text header.
    That helped a ton.
    I wish there was a theme that let you color code email accounts.....

    So I'm one step closer to quickly accessing and navigating the different accounts. The last step is to get to my SMS quickly.
    Right now, I'd have to scroll down to the last text....too much when mixed in with emails. Entering Alt+S is short and sweet BUT, it takes you to individual texts (like 4.7 SMS).
    I'd like to jump straight to SMS Conversations.
    If you 'view folder' there is SMS Inbox which is different from the folder SMS Conversations.
    I realize this is nit picky stuff, but Emails and SMS are the main reason I have a BB. Also QuickLaunch only has a shortcut to the SMS inbox, not the sms conversation folder. Just looking for a better way to see all my communications quickly.
    05-19-10 10:34 AM