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    Has anyone had any success installing/using NavFun Pro onto their phone????

    I have made the maps I require in various resolutions etc and put them on my media card (was out of mobile reception range to install the app) then when I got back home from the farm, I found loads of problems getting it on my phone

    If anybody has had any success or can suggest something better, WITH, media card map support, please let me know.

    I have been using a combo of Google Maps and Amaze 4....and then right before Christmas, I was faced with an [APP ERROR 205] got that all sorted no probs but then found it loads the latest AMAZE (5) and had to chasing up the old version again of course downloads the latest version which is no longer free.

    Please help regarding the NavFun Pro GPS. I really would love that, especially since it offers media card mapping which I can use when I'm in the outback/out of service....just visiting Mum!!
    many thanks!!!!!!
    Steve.. Happy New Year!!!!! drinks are already rolling...gotta run cheers
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