1. enigNY's Avatar
    Hi All: I have a T-Mobile curve 8320 that came with pleather holster and no explanation...I can sort of figure out how to use it but it has some mystifying design elements <g>.

    There is no obvious "front" or "back" of the holster, except for a 1" wide strip sewn down one side...it looks like a clip, but it's sewn completely to the rest of the holster so maybe it's just a racing stripe?

    I set the holster down on my desk and noticed a small screw was stuck to it...upon closer examination I realized that there's a magnet embedded in the "racing stripe"...other than erasing Metro Cards, what is the purpose of the magnet?

    Finally the holster has a breezy curve cut into the one edge of the business end...with the Curve installed it reveals one half of the chrome strip where your ear would go. Since I clearly have too much time on my hands to ponder these mysteries of crackberry industrial design I'm hoping someone will put me out of my misery and explain what these holster features are for?
    12-18-08 07:41 AM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Magnet -
    Blackberry's have a Sleep Mode, which is activated by a magnet. This prevents accidental button pushes, so your BB doesn't make calls or open apps while holstered.

    "Breezy curve cut" -
    Allows for a place to grasp the BB for removal, and also to give a view of the LED notifacations.
    12-18-08 07:47 AM
  3. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    The magnet puts your device in standby when in the holster, you will still receive e-mails, calls, SMS as normal. This saves the battery on your device. You will have to set the alerts for in and out of holster...
    12-18-08 07:49 AM
  4. chaznsc's Avatar
    I got one of those also, why dont they put a belt clip on them? Kinda useless if you ask me (which they did not!)

    12-18-08 08:01 AM
  5. siha's Avatar
    The strip is to identify the "front" that's where the trackball side should face...
    12-18-08 08:13 AM
  6. enigNY's Avatar
    You all are the shizzle! Thanks for all the answers...I of course had the Curve wrongways in the holster...now I just have to remember to keep my Metro Cards in my other pocket!
    12-18-08 11:01 AM
  7. nathangoihl's Avatar
    The purpose of the pouch is just thatm it is a pocket pouch. Simple, clean and totally functional for the BB user who prefers to keep their device in their pocket but still desire protection.

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    12-18-08 11:20 AM
  8. exelant's Avatar
    I was sure if I used the pouch, I would lose my Berry so I bought a belt clip model. Then on a horse back ride I lost my berry belt pouch and everything! That was a bad day!
    12-18-08 11:25 AM
  9. OptiPrime's Avatar
    i cant find my pouch : ( does anyone know where i can get one for cheap? i stopped using it but now i wanna use it again.
    12-18-08 11:32 AM
  10. fiyota's Avatar
    Hope you find yours, but if you can't....

    12-18-08 02:17 PM