1. jimmychen17's Avatar
    Won't load - just hangs there for the browser version & refreshing continuously for the app

    every other site is OK -

    Help please
    02-16-13 05:31 PM
  2. anon(2757538)'s Avatar
    Clear browser cache, cookies, history and all that jazz.
    02-16-13 05:38 PM
  3. web99's Avatar
    I am about to access crackberry.com from both my browser and the BB10 app without any problems. As for previous poster said, try clearing out your cache, cookies, etc.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-16-13 05:50 PM
  4. jimmychen17's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the posting

    I just tried turning on my wi-fi - and the z10 loads the crackberry site via the browser & the crackberry app fine.
    it's only when I am using Bell's 4G LTE network.

    I am not sure what is causing this. I can access any other web site on 4G.
    Last edited by jimmychen17; 02-16-13 at 08:36 PM.
    02-16-13 08:09 PM
  5. jesse_h's Avatar
    Blame Bell, that's what i would do.
    02-16-13 08:14 PM
  6. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    Starting to sound like a Bell data issue. If it works off wifi but not the LTE, then I'd be going after Bell for sure.
    Perhaps they can re send the service books and re provision your LTE account again.

    Posted via CB10
    02-16-13 10:27 PM

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