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    My wife finally got a BlackBerry with a data plan.
    She had a BB 8130 she got used last year and carried for 8 months until she thought she wanted another dumb phone. She got the Motorolla Hint.
    It was a [email protected] phone. It had service issues and dropped calls like crazy.
    Well I got an email from our carrier the other day staying that they would give 10 dollars toward Breast Cancer Research for every Pink BlackBerry 8230 Flip sold in October.
    I know how she is about this subject because her aunt has breast cancer. I read her the email and she began thinking it over. She was due an upgrade and needed a new phone anyway.
    I told her to think about it but get the phone she really wanted. The next morning she asked me if I could teach her How to use all the data features if she got the Pink BB Flip. I told her I would and she was ready to take the plunge.
    I have got her using BBM already and she has got the basic phone functions down pat. I still have to teach her to surf the web and access games, downloads, etc...

    So keep me in your prayers that I will have patience with her as I help her master her new BB.

    For those of you wanting your wives to get into the BB world, check with your provider and ask if they have a similar deal now. You never know what can trigger totie wife into making the switch!

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    10-08-09 08:12 AM
  2. clitrenta's Avatar
    Hopefully she'll take advantage of its many features. That's when you truly appreciate what the BB can do for you. I'm still amazed at my 8900.
    10-08-09 08:28 AM
  3. thinkamp's Avatar
    No its time to get her running bbm 5.0!
    Glad you got her to come back to the bb side...and you will get her all set with her bb.
    10-08-09 08:30 AM
  4. ekyle125's Avatar
    Nice! My wife won't do it until she gets a nursing job lol
    10-08-09 08:30 AM
  5. smnc's Avatar

    My wife got a Perl Flip last year, but has had it on a restricted data plan that only allows e-mail and IM.

    At first she used to tease me about my "stupid looking" Curve and what a waste my full data plan is, but secretly she's been coveting what I have more and more.
    Finally she broke when I got my 8900 and told me she wants a "REAL" BlackBerry and a "REAL" data plan

    I've given her my 8310 to play with for now, but it looks like I'll be Berry shopping again in a month...
    10-08-09 11:21 AM
  6. luvitlo's Avatar
    Thinkamp...what is BBM 5.0? I thought BBM matched your OS version. What changed on 5.0?
    And she will take full adbantage of data, last night she had me help her search old TV shows on youtube.
    She was loving watching the old sitcom "Perfect Strangers" lol.
    I gotta teach her how to look up the weather so now she quit bugging me about it.

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    10-08-09 07:20 PM
  7. ccannavo's Avatar
    I brought my willing wife over on Tuesday of this week! Shes catching on quick.
    10-08-09 07:30 PM
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    Luvitlo, they just released the new official BBM, many VZW users haven't been able to use the beta version because it was incompatible.

    You can find it in the Free apps section of BB App World.

    5.0 has many more features than the 4.5 version.

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    10-08-09 07:49 PM
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    BTW, my wife went with the Samsung Rant for about 2 days, hated it with a strident passion, then got the Pearl.

    She made it clear that from now on, we get the same phones, period. She wishes she had my Curve. Now I'm waiting for Atlas or Essex to drop before we Upgrade.

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    10-08-09 07:52 PM
  10. admirer's Avatar
    my God wives are so tight with money right? i know i have one at my home.. heheh
    10-08-09 11:00 PM
  11. Chickshunt2's Avatar
    Welcome to the dark side.....I love it over here I'm never going back!
    10-08-09 11:02 PM
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    Admirer you got that right, olnt reason my wife decided to swap is because my carrier has a new smartphone family plan with unlimited text talk and web so she figured it hers was 69 a month and mine 56 a month so on the family plan hers is 79 and mine drops to 46 so our bill stays the same and I get unlimited talk added to my berry, I never call anybody cause I have a Trake and can't talk well, but my part of the bill went down 10 bucks lol.
    Then the 8230 Pink version is on sale for 79.99 with a 50.00 rebate and 10.00 went to Breast cancer research so she looks at like she paid 19.99 for the phone and funsted 10 to BCR. Talk about squeezing dollars lol!

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    10-09-09 11:08 AM