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    I made a thread in the Playbook section about all of these problems I was havingwith all three of my Playbooks and I guess it got deleted but I didn't get any message about why it was removed..

    I'm a new user to this site and to Blackberrys and this is my welcoming hospitality?
    How am I suppose to get help resolving my problems if the thread gets deleted?

    How can I contact a Moderator to see why my thread was deleted? Some users throught I was iFlamming cause I do have an iPad but I actually need help with these Playbooks.
    11-28-11 12:44 AM
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    11-28-11 12:47 AM
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    No, but the second post down in that thread mentions the first one I posted and I guess they tried to make fun of how I'm having serious Hardware/Software issues and made a second thread about a Minor Visual issue so they assumed I'm being an Apple fan boy and came here to point out flaws when I'm not pointing out flaws in portions my iPad does betterbut rather problems that are making these tablets unusable.

    I do have an iPad but for the price of these and how perfectly sized (almost fits in my pocket) they are I'll get more use outof this fir daily tablet needs over my bulky iPad.

    Thanks for trying to help though
    11-28-11 12:58 AM
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    What were the issues?
    Seems as of late everyone who isn't happy here is accused of being a hired rep to diss the PB or RIM.
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    11-28-11 01:05 AM
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    Maybe you can re-post your questions?
    Or try contacting RIM's customer support to help with your PlayBook questions-- they've been pretty good at helping folks out lately.
    11-28-11 01:11 AM
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    To sum up the questions, one Playbook has a dead pixel out of the box so I was wondering if thats covered for a free repair by RIM. Second question was why is one of my Playbooks missing the OS installed Video Chat app and the Bing Maps app. I don't know why those are missing. Last question was why did only one Playbook installthe Sample media? (pictures, video, song). One of them came with the sample Video and song butthe other one didn't have anything installed.

    The only main problem I was having is the browser crashes all the time running Flash so its completely unusable when it comes to that but as for right now making this post, it's working perfect.

    All three of them get really hot after awhile but I'm not usually on them so long it becomes a problem.
    11-28-11 01:29 AM
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    About the dead pixel, you would have to call RIM directly and see if they will issue an RMA.
    Was the PB that's missing the pre installed apps new or second hand? I haven't done a security wipe at all, but I have read that some of the preloaded apps don't get loaded back on after a security wipe. You can get those back.
    When running heavy flash sites, my browser crashes too, still hoping this will get optimized a little better in future OS releases.
    When your PB gets hot, what do you have running? The more that's running the harder it works so the warmer it will get. Try closing some apps you aren't using at the time and see if that helps cool it down.
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    11-28-11 01:38 AM
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    All of the Playbooks are brand new, one is from Sears and the other two are from Futureshop. I'll hold out on flash in hope it works better later on. I'll try a factory reset of the one that's missing the OS installed applications and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks a bunch

    As for it getting hot, I have never ran more then one application at a time so its either while playing Need for Speed foran hour or so that gets it hot or when playing facebook games (then flash crashes when it gets too hot)
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    11-28-11 01:50 AM
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    Definitely call RIM regarding the dead pixel. Normally, you would just take it back to the store and get a new one, but with the dearth of PlayBooks in stores these days, contacting RIM is your best bet.

    While at it, ask about your other PlayBook issues. They will walk you through the solutions. Remember, you have 90 days of free support.

    I think doing the "de-brick" clean wipe method is your best bet. You may have had a faulty install of the OS. I've never had to do it before, but I believe these are the instructions (someone correct me if I'm wrong):

    Before you start, download the latest desktop manager to your computer.

    From BlackBerry PlayBook 101:

    Step 1: Connect your PlayBook to your PC via MicroUSB cable and open Desktop Manager
    Step 2: Backup your PlayBook! This install process is a CLEAN WIPE. You'll lose all data.
    Step 3: Within Desktop Manager, hit Device > Update on the menu.
    Step 4: No Update will be found. Just hit ok and go back to Desktop Manager homescreen.
    Step 5. From there, while still plugged in, Restart your PlayBook using the power button app.
    Step 6. A new popup window will appear giving you some options. Hit Update.
    Step 7: Let that baby update and you'll be on the latest software. Warning: it takes a while!

    Also, clear your browser cache every couple of days. That may help with the browser crashes.

    Hope that helps.
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    11-28-11 01:53 AM
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    What were the issues?
    Seems as of late everyone who isn't happy here is accused of being a hired rep to diss the PB or RIM.
    Not everyone - only the obvious ones
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    11-28-11 01:57 AM
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    Not everyone - only the obvious ones
    You're right. Even some legitimate posters are being accused though and that's kinda sad.
    11-28-11 02:01 AM
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    Sometimes threads get closed due to bad activity downstream (fights , or off topic talk, or just it has run it's course ) that has nothing to do with the OP which is often unfair. I don't know what happened to this one, wasn't there. Seems a better approach would be to clean it up warn or ban any offenders and keep it open.

    I honestly believe there are - i-trolls or a-trolls or a-holes who have that very intention - to stir up trouble to get enthusiasts banned or threads promoting playbook or other B devices that may not shed other devices in a good light closed. Just my crazy opinion based on observation of irrational behavior..

    In other words OP don't take it personally may have nothing to do with you. Welcome to crackberry.
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    11-28-11 02:08 AM
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    You're right. Even some legitimate posters are being accused though and that's kinda sad.
    It is sad, and I warn people to check posting history before jumping to conclusions. Give it a good history before making assumptions. There are legitimate criticisms of any device. Just because someone points out a shortcoming does not make them a this or a that fan or basher of this or that.. but when it is consistent and persistent it is highly suspect what the motive is, especially when in a forum of a device that you supposedly detest.
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    11-28-11 02:17 AM
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    You were asking for support for 0S2 beta and all the problems you mentioned were with the beta OS release. You went on ahead to make a comparison of how things don't work the way it works on iPad and said that essentially the PB on OS2 was broken.
    You do realise that the OS2 is in Beta testing right now and the OS is a developer release.
    Post a genuine problem and the folks here will help you out. But if you are here to mock the PB on a beta OS then you are on your own.
    This is just helpful advice and the way things are going this post might shut down soon as well

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    11-28-11 03:27 AM
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    +1000000 ! Dev is FOR DEVELOPERS!!!!
    11-28-11 03:30 AM
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    People that recently purchased a pb and have issues should contact RIM support and visit this forum.

    I would think RIM is the best source for issues like dead pixels.

    People posting should be detailed when describing a problem. Did this OP install OS2 on his new playbooks as another poster stated
    11-28-11 12:23 PM
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    Yes I did however one of the Playbooks works perfectly, only problem I had withit was installing OS2 but eventually got it to work. The problems I was asking about was on the other device with OS2 that has a bunch of problems now that the other one didn't.

    When I made the second thread, that was for a completely seperate problem and gave my iPad as reference toexactly what I was talking about. Not a compairison between the two.

    Lastly, I was not bashing on Playbooks when I said its unusable, I was being honest as one of the Playbooks is unusable, and I would also like to state that one of them wasn't even working right on 1.0.7 and that's why I updated to 2.0.0 as I figured it could't get worse.

    I understand OS2 is for developers, why do you think I'm trying to get the information on these things inside and out? So I know expected problems to develope around until their fixed.

    Again, I'm not hating on these at all, I've just never used a Blackberry before and with the APK to BAR conversions being so "easy" I went out to buy threeof these. One for my mom, one for personal use, and one for developing with..

    Thanks to everyone for the help with the problems I was having, they've all been answered as much as they can for a Beta OS. Stay friendly guys, you have a good forum here, just too many people jump to conclusions :P
    11-28-11 02:13 PM
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    Sorry about your thread. I tried to stop the ridiculous witch hunt.

    Keep posting!
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    11-28-11 02:50 PM
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    Never owned a BB of any kind and was tempted by blowout pricetag and the idea that android Apps could soon be available. I did three days of reading throughout these forums trying to figure out how to maximize the Playbook. Managed to download the beta os 2.0 then the ddmp installer and as promised managed to load a number of the Android Apps. All is well at this point then decided to play above my pay grade and tried to download Android App manager and every android app previously working find would open to a black screen. My information was that a clean wipe would erase data and loaded apps fine I'll just start over and lesson learned. Only after wipe with 2.0 that's not what happened. PB rebooted with browser and set up all else gone. Loaded DM 6.0 and finally got the program to recognize PB doesn't offer the downgrade to os This os I understand might put me back to box opening but can't figure how to get it. Download was OTA and at 2,0 PB won't offer and upgrade. My first post of any kind on any forum. The long winde nature of these makes that painfully obvious. I apologise for this. Any ideas.
    11-29-11 10:27 PM
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    OK, I did a little research. Yes you had a thread deleted, it was deleted by one of my bosses. It was about 3 PBs you bought that you immediately tried to upgrade to 2.0 developer beta. NOT A GOOD IDEA. Not for a novice, not for the general public! There were many MANY deleted posts in that thread, probably folks flaming you. I'm sure my boss had good cause to delete the thread. You were not notified because you did not get in trouble you were NOT warned for trolling or anything. The thread was just deleted because it was more trouble than it was worth most likely. It's NOT a huge deal, just move on.

    For the record, I had issues with 2.0 also. I WAS able to get it to work, BUT it did not work perfectly, and in the end I downgraded and am using the release OS now (1.0.8 at this time). Some stuff just does not work on the beta video chat for example, and the bridge has many issues.
    11-29-11 10:46 PM
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    It's NOT a huge deal, just move on.
    I did and in this thread I had all of my questions answered. I now have one of them on 1.0.7 for my mom (Which I should probably update soon enough to 1.0.8) I downgraded one of mine to 1.0.8 and I kept one on 2.0.0 for making apps in the future

    Thank you guys for all the help I've received in this thread, now to take matters into even more beta terms with rooting the OS2 playbook lol
    12-01-11 05:22 PM