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    ok... so i would like to say a few things as well, and I'm sorry for creating my own thread... there are just so many out there and I don't feel like posting this in every single one of them, sorry.
    And I didn't create a thread in quite some time, so I figured why not? ; )

    i'm not going to list everything i like/love about BB10 and the announcements yesterdy, because that would literally take ages
    but i would like to write down a few of my thoughts on the Z10, BB10 in general, the launch event, Thorsten Heins, the presentation, the live-demo, the reviews, some of my worries or stuff that simply annoys me

    so first off.. the presentation and Thorsten Heins
    i don't think it was the best presentation and you could clearly see that Thorsten isn't really the kind of guy who's really comfortable on stage, but i think he was REALLY trying his very best
    that doesn't make the presentation any better, but i'm tired of people saying "thorsten wasn't even excited about BB10, felt like he had no confidence in it's own products"
    it was a very important day for BlackBerry, it's employees and especially himself.. and he was obviously nervous and that's okay... because it's human.
    His accent is also one of the reason why his presentation didn't feel all that professional, don't get so worked up over it.
    Don't compare him or his presentation to Steve Jobs, not many people can do what he did.

    That being said.. they obviously couldn't just make this event 10hours long, but i feel like they've left too many questions unanswered.
    Why not take some more time and talk about other important stuff.. like 4G/LTE, the different countries+carrier support, etc.
    I understand that pricing varies from carrier to carrier and country to country, but saying at least something about it would've been nice.
    Also when you release a gadget I think it's very important to show the people the specs. I mean we know the specs, but it was his moment to tell us, doesn't matter if they're cutting-edge or not. He should've talked more about the power of the OS and you could clearly see how extremely fluid the OS was when Vivek was demoing it. You do NOT need 500core 20gb RAM specs when your phone is already running extremely fluid and has no lag whatsoever.

    I also think Vivek did a fantastic job demoing the device (like always), even though I feel like they could've and should've shown us a bit more. The browser for example, one of Z10's main features.. yet we didn't see it 1 single time.

    The Z10 and BB10 in general? I think they look absolutely awesome! I'm really impressed by the OS by what I've seen from videos so far. It looks like it'll be a very smooth and fluid experience and I'm definitely looking forward to that!

    The expectations were high for yesterday's event.. and let's be honest.. they were TOO damn high, like always.
    We were all hoping for surprises and some people were simply being completely unrealistic.
    The surprises i was hoping for were Skype and WhatsApp being on BB10 or coming in the future. And guess what? SURPRISE! (BIG surprise, at least for me.. and I'm really happy that these 2 apps will be on BB10!!!)
    I'm sure some part of me was hoping for more and even bigger surprises, but I really didn't expect them, because i was being realistic.
    Don't forget that we're in the year 2013 and a smartphone is simply a smartphone. I feel like some/many people were expecting a phone from the year 2070 with a built in rocket launcher, etc.
    It's a smartphone... what do you want it to do?! At any given time... there are ALWAYS limits...many things will be invented in the future, but you can't just expect 1 company to take us 20+years into the future by itself.

    Netflix/Instagram/Hulu, etc.... :
    Well, even though all of these threads are "starting" to become annoying, I think it's understandable. I would've definitely been disappointed/sad/annoyed if they didn't announce Skype/Whatsapp. Guess i was lucky! : )

    Personally I feel like Netflix/Hulu really aren't that good - if i wan't to watch movies/tv shows there are just SO MANY better options out there which have ALL movies and ALL shows available and not just 1/100 of the content i'd like to watch.
    + watching movies on a 4,2'' screen? Ehhh.. not for me I guess, but to each his own.
    And Instagram? I feel like it's a waste of time, but again.. to each his own. At least we got a native-app which is a lot like instagram, just without the useless sharing of every damn picture.

    But since people care about it, here:
    BlackBerry 10 Instagram, Netflix apps: “in talks” with developers | BGR

    Apps I hope make their way onto BB10:

    Google Apps like Google Maps, Youtube, Google Drive, etc.
    DropBox (wasn't that integrated at one point, and now it isn't? Whatever happened there?)
    Spotify/Simfy (looking for a good music streaming service, these seem to be the best)

    Storymaker: I think this looked really fun!
    Not something that I necessarily need, but I was impressed nontheless. And it was so smooth, fluid and quick.. and above all: SIMPLE. Awesome!

    Even before the announcement/launch event, I was already impressed by BB10 and what it's capable of, everything else is just a bonus for me.

    BlackBerry World:
    Huge upgrade! More and better Apps. Movies, TV Shows and Music. Great!
    I won't be buying tv shows and movies, because just like Netflix/Hulu... there are so many better options out there, but I guess it's still nice for people who want it!
    The only time I actually buy a movie or TV show.. or watch them via Apple TV is whenever I get myself a new girlfriend and she isn't that good at english.
    If they're good at english or if I watch them alone.. there are MUCH MUCH better options available.

    And please try to realize.. BB10 isn't really out yet (UK being the exception) and we already have so many TOP Apps.. Skype, WhatsApp on it's way.. and from the looks of it popular Apps like Netflix, Instagram, etc. will also be coming.
    The bigger the userbase.. the more popular the OS.. the better chance we have at getting what we want, which is MORE and BETTER apps. Quality over Quantity btw : )
    It's a completely new BlackBerry World, it feels like Day 1... and the app selection is already mighty impressive for that.

    And please understand.. just like BlackBerry World.. the OS itself will also get better over time. It's Day 1 and it already looks GREAT!
    And with OTA updates bug fixes will be quicker to arrive.. new features can be added more easily, etc.
    THE OS will improve and improve over time.

    Stuff that worries // annoys me::::

    1) Battery:
    We will have to wait and see and do actual tests with the retail-devices, but if it's just like all the reviews indicate... then im REALLY worried.
    I'd love to at least get through 1 day of normal-heavy usage, but so far it seems like that won't be possible.
    Maybe the Battery Life increases with OS updates, I don't know, I sure hope so!

    2) Email:
    I was worried we might not be getting PUSH GMAIL (after reading a little bit of that dumb BGR review + Kevin's review), but it seems like we will be getting it after all?!
    I don't really understand all this POP/IMAP stuff whatsoever, but from the looks of it, we will be getting the email (gmail) pushed to our device after all and don't have to wait 15minutes.
    If that is indeed true, then AWESOME!
    If not, then... uhh.. : /

    b) We can no longer delete emails. We can delete them from our handheld (right?), but I think we can no longer delete them from our mailbox via our handheld, which really is unfortunate, but not that big of a deal

    3) Profiles:
    yea that's disappointing, I don't think I have to go into too much detail here... It's annoying that my WhatsApp messages will have to have the same volume setting as my phone calls, etc.
    Not liking it!

    4) Notifications & LED:
    a) Whenever you get a new sms, email, WhatsApp, Skype message or whatever.. your LED flashes.. you then have to swipe up to see which it is.. and go into the hub to read it.
    I think there should be a small icon on the screen (like on BBOS) so you don't actually have to swipe up to see if it is a new WhatsApp message, SMS or whatever.
    I'm okay with not seeing a preview of the message pop up on the screen I guess, but a little icon which shows what exactly it is would be great!

    b) LED, different colors:
    SO a) would be much less of a problem if we could have different LED colors?! I don't know if that'll be possible via a 3rd party App, but I damn sure hope so. I don't understand how that would work with Active Frames and such.. and if it's even possible.

    5) Lack of Google-Support:
    Missing Google Services! If I'm correct there's no Google Maps, no Youtube App, no Google Drive, etc.

    6) If I'm correct there'll no longer be this nice data-compression?
    Meaning if we'll get Spotify etc. in the future.. we'll need lots and lots of GB for our data-plans : /

    I'm annoyed by all the reviews.. I think the reviewers expectations were also way too high.
    They have all these issues/bugs and things they'd like changed with their current devices (like most of us) and expected BB10 to magically be flawless.
    That's impossible... it'll get more polished over time via OTA updates, be patient.
    Oh and btw: Don't bother reading BGR's review of the Z10, it was obviously written by jonathan s. gellar (aka iphone lover) and is completely biased and ****ty.

    Overall I'm extrelemy happy!
    I'm so excited about BB10 and can't wait to get my hands on the Z10. I wrote down all of my worries or things that annoy me... and I definitely won't be writing down all the things I already love about BB10 and the Z10.
    Because it's just like I said before... it would take ages.
    I'm really impressed by BB10 and can't wait to own one of the new BlackBerry Smartphones.
    From what I've seen so far it looks like BlackBerry did a fantastic job and people just like to make a big deal out of everything. People like to be whiny.
    Good Job, BlackBerry!
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    Wow! You might think about writing professionally.
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    01-31-13 06:24 AM
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    An amazingly thorough analysis.
    Do you have a Z10 to use yet?
    It has to be "really out". I am using one.

    It's good. You will love it. It is only OK when compared to other premium smartphones.
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    01-31-13 06:36 AM
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    thanks, guys!
    that's very kind of you, i really appreciate it!

    nope, unfortunately i don't have a Z10 yet, have to wait for it to get released over here (germany) - hopefully it won't take too long : )
    01-31-13 09:57 AM
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    (wondering if it's okay to bump my own thread, was actually hoping for a few more replies and see if people actually agree or completely disagree with me)

    guess it really is a little too long : /
    01-31-13 04:29 PM

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