09-30-09 04:23 PM
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  1. firebigevil666's Avatar
    I just use a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth in my vehicle you could possibly get her a headset?

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    09-30-09 01:45 PM
  2. Coruptyed's Avatar
    That's a fix for talking but what about texting? A lot do texting while driving now

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    09-30-09 02:52 PM
  3. toddc79's Avatar
    i cant do it one handed...its very difficult without crashing into things myself...that's a tough one....... there's alot of texting while driving bans and fines popping up here in individual towns while waiting for the state to get their act together... i'd imagine after a couple nice fines that'd it'd take care of itself.
    09-30-09 02:57 PM
  4. thinkamp's Avatar
    on vlingo cant you just say what you want it to type?
    09-30-09 03:04 PM
  5. Blancster's Avatar
    I attached a photo (if I did it right) of my SUV that I totaled a few years back while, not texting, simply looking down for a brief moment for a phone number to make a call. Thank God I didn't hit anyone and no one was in the car. Instead, I took out a stone bridge! (If the photo is attached, I was traveling the other direction and took out the bridge, that I'm jacked up against, on the other side of the street!!!) I hope I'm allowed to add a photo like this to threads. If not, Crackberry, you have my apologies. Show her the photo. This is no joke. I lived. I think the car saved my life. Ambulance, hospital, bla bla bla... this isn't feel sorry for Blancster this is reality. But it only takes a moment. One single moment in time before something you think can never happen does!
    You drive or you text. Not both. Pull over. Wait until you reach your destination. I hope something like that doesn't happen to her, but she continues to do so, it could. By the way, studies show a drunk driver is more alert while driving than someone texting.
    09-30-09 03:08 PM
  6. BETA13's Avatar
    Listen everyone, I am not afraid to be confrontational, and I can lay down the law when I need to. If she is caught on the phone she will be punished and I have spoken to her about consequences of being on the phone and driving. I was simply looking for an app that could detect through GPS when the user is traveling a certain speed and turn off communication. I'm not looking for an app so I don't have to parent, some of these posts are ridiculous
    It sounds like you're looking for an app so you don't have to parent...from a parent to parent. You need to take charge.
    09-30-09 03:10 PM
  7. Blancster's Avatar
    I see the photo made it. (I had to wait until I posted) My 1st time adding one. That photo is hanging on my wall in my office to remind me of my absolute stupidty that day, with no one around me on an open back road.
    Sorry to ramble. This thread gets me by the heart!!
    09-30-09 03:12 PM
  8. afortunateperson's Avatar
    It sounds like you're looking for an app so you don't have to parent...from a parent to parent. You need to take charge.
    Huh, did you even read what you quoted that I wrote.
    09-30-09 03:41 PM
  9. blue_and_bold's Avatar
    This could work... Take your kid to school and drop them off and just tell them if txting is that important than you will drive otherwise then can eff off and put the phone down. I can relate I was with a friend who looked down at his ipod and we t-boned a guy. It can happen to anyone.
    09-30-09 03:51 PM
  10. BETA13's Avatar
    Huh, did you even read what you quoted that I wrote.
    Yeah...and I'm telling you it sounds like exactly what you're saying it's not. You're going to rely on an app. Ooh...you discussed the consequences. And what did that do for you when you were a teen? Probably the same it did for me and every other teen. You're not going to get your daughter to quit using the phone while driving without one of two things. No phone or no car.
    09-30-09 04:06 PM
  11. alleycat0124's Avatar
    I can't vouch for the accuracy of this test, but it is interesting...

    Gauging Your Distraction - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com

    Try it and see how well you do.
    09-30-09 04:23 PM
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