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    Ive been able to hang with my girlfriends best friends Ipad 2. We really don't see much difference in her Ipad and my playbook except the amount of apps she has. A lot of them we do not have for the playbook. Luckily I've been able to side load many apps in which me, her, and my girlfriend can interact. Lately she has been asking me to play drawsomething. I have found a couple of links but none of them seem to be working. They install but when you open them they just repeatedly force close. I really hate the fact that I may have to tell her I can't get it right now. If anyone has an actual tried and working link for the android app drawsomething, please post the link. On a different note, she never leaves the house with her Ipad because she claims it is too big. Ill take my playbook anywhere . She claims her browser never force closes on her and mine does at least once every day or two if im using it heavily. Ill give Ipad props on that. Also my friend just recently bought a kindle fire and it is tiny in person and lite weight. But there was really nothing special about it. I kind of blew him away with my playbook. When I asked him how he liked it he stated "I don't even read books, other then that it is ok". I tell people I love my damn playbook lol. Ill even give them a demo if they like.

    If you can find an actual working link please post and allow me to thank you in advance.
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    03-04-12 10:37 PM
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    I'll bet you that it doesn't work on qnx and it requires android binaries so it crashes. SO, at the moment you're out of luck. Sorry
    03-04-12 11:05 PM