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    Hey guys, I just wanted to give my thoughts about each OS. Now I expect to get some hate from this post but I won't let it get to me. We all love to mess with technology and that's what makes it fun! Let's get too it!

    So I'm going to start off with the famous company called Apple. I bought an Ipad a few weeks ago but within a few days, I regretted it. The total cost of the Ipad was $539 (Ipad Mini 4th gen 64 GB plus Applecare). Apple truly does make smooth products and it really "Just works" like they say. So you're probably asking "What was the regrets"? Apple takes up about 3 times as much app storage as Android (I have a Moto X 2015) plus Apple wouldn't Bluetooth to my Android or BlackBerry. The biggest drawback for me though was the fact that the Ipad didn't have a calculator, weather, or stock app like the Iphone! Plus I couldn't download the same apps that were on Iphone to the Ipad (Not optimized right). I got the Ipad as an entertainment device and Crossy Road took up almost 200 MB of storage vs the Moto X took up only 60 MB of storage.

    Now to the company that we all dearly use whether or not we want to say it... GOOGLE! I have a Moto X which runs Android M currently and I have no problems with Android. I can say that it's more connected than any other OS and it's very fun to use. You still have the wide array of apps and best of all.. every app is optimized on the phones and tablets unlike IOS! You have to admit that the creators of Android are quirky and genius. My biggest complaint with Android is that it collects so much but with all the data they collect, neat things are coming out of that used data. I personally believe that you get more with Android than any other OS and you get a vast array of devices to choose from.

    Here we go, Microsoft, because their totally worth our time. Windows! I'm currenlty typing this up on my Surface 3 and I have to say the keyboard is getting annoying! That'd besides the point, back to Windows Matt! Windows 10 is truly the future believe it or now. Microsoft might have some bugs here and there but their getting them fixed quickly. Windows already dominated the PC market and it only getting bigger, especially Windows 10. There's so much to Windows so this'll be a little long. The Xbox as we all know isn't doing very well but with Windows 10 coming soon, it'll become a full fledged computer and do better than our current PC's. Microsoft Hololens is the future! If you haven't heard about it, look it up! Too much to that stuff but moving on to Windows Phone. Windows Phone was never really that big sadly and granted there's some killer Windows 10 phones, the software is just meh compared to their PC's
    and what not. Now Microsoft hasn't given up on Windows Phone but their betting their money towards the future (Something BlackBerry should do). I'd say Microsoft is your best bet for business as office 365 works amazingly plus all the business like apps on Windows and the ease of Windows 10. I could say more but it's just a few general things.

    Lastly, BLACKBERRY! Where do they even rank at? I'd say their not even close to fun like Android or Apple but not nearly business like as Microsoft. Guys, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. BlackBerry doesn't have anything left behind them except for security but even that's been a different story lately. We've all truly lost our security and it's something we'll have to deal with unless we change something. BlackBerry years ago was killer and was the true business phone to go to. Now though, Microsoft devices can get emails just as fast as my BlackBerry 10 devices and sometimes, they lose. The documents app doesn't save live to the cloud like Word nor does. Plus Continuum on Windows 10 kills anything HDMI wise. Plus Windows has a dedicated app store that has more apps than BlackBerry. Oh but BlackBerry has Amazon app store... yes, that's truly secure in the end SMH.

    So as a conclusion, I have to say Apple is a company that makes good software and good products but they focus mostly on the Iphone and don't care about their other products. If you want a flawless product that just works, go with an Iphone. As far as Android, if you want a lot of customization, apps, and a vast array of products plus connected software out the ying yang, go with Android and get the best device that suits you. If you truly want business all out, you'll get the best offer with Microsoft as their only getting started with Windows 10 and it's only getting better for them. BlackBerry... apps isn't for them nor is business in the end. BlackBerry is best at offering security software and working on a mind blowing product that hasn't been invented yet. Their phones won't help them and it's only going to continue to drop from here on out.

    Please feel free to comment and give me your ideas! I dearly love BlackBerry but I just don't see much left for them in the handset business.
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    04-09-16 01:57 AM
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    I think BB10 THE BEST OS to use. No apps no major improvement but thats due to management failures not software side.

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    04-09-16 02:24 AM
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    I agree with you IOS just works. That is why a lot of people like Apple products. With regards to Android apps you mentioned that "every app is optimized on the phones and tablets unlike IOS!". I disagree with this. Apps on Android are very dependent on the developer. There are a lot more crap apps on Google Play store than in any other store. In fact Apple's App Store is the most polished in terms of quality over quantity.

    With regards to Windows 10, I agree that they have the most potential going forward. Xbox, Desktop, Tablets, Phones, etc will eventually have the same OS and their single App Dev tool will make coding for all using one code base easier. The number of Windows developer is big and if that translates to other platforms that will be huge for Windows.

    BB10 is now stagnant. It will eventually die. So it's future is non existent. For me, out of the box, BB10 has the most to offer without even having to install a single app. BB10 Hub, Blend, Filemanager with RFA, it's security once paired with BES is unmatched. It's Achilles heel is the App gap. Curiously enough, a lot of apps from Google Playstore that didn't use to work is now working off the bat without any patching (Uber, Google Maps, Grab, my banking apps, etc). Maybe it's app developers trying to ease their dependences on Google Service or something am not really sure. At anyrate, logic dictates that soon more apps will stop working.
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    I am not sure how iOS just works with the latest issues that platform has been having with vulnerabilities that has to be continuously patched. When I get an Android device, I am well aware that it is open and vulnerable. I have a higher expectation with Apple products. I bought a Windows laptop to replace my $3000 Apple laptop when it crapped out because I support the Gates Foundation. Their altruistic values is worth the investment to me. We all have our own reasons for why we buy into a device or platform.

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    04-09-16 11:15 PM
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    I have used most every OS out there and have been invloved with the computer since my first Osborne portable back in the day and for myself and my business I choose Mac OS. My smartphones include a Blackberry Piv with Android and a Apple iPhone 6S with IOS 9.3. Every OS has it's strong and weak points and for me it's about whats works best for your environment and what you feel comfortable with.

    For me Mac OS works great for the type of work I do and the iPhone is fully integrated with El Capitan, I can answer my phone and reply to text from my desktop, my calendar is also synced with my 6s. I left Windows back in 2008 and never looked back, but this is what I choose to do and might not work for your needs.

    As far as the security end of any OS, they are all vulnerable unless your using some secured server like BES or Good services. I have always made it a point to preach using strong passwords and limiting the amount of information when your connected to the grid. Common sense goes a long way when it comes to being secure and you would be surprised how many people forget that important factor?

    Which OS is the best? That will be debated forever and it's about personal choice and what you feel is the best valued added solution for your needs, just my two cents.
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