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    would be better? I decided that I would treat myself to a garmin GPS (nuvi 200, on sale at best buy) for mother's day. So I get the thing all set up. I discovered on the garmin website I can download the new 2009 map. So I have to buy a usb cord. Then it says during the download my gps doesn't have enough room on the sd card (which is 1 GB) best buy says "get a bigger sd card). My little gps project is getting expensive. I am wondering if i should give up and just use my BB and telenev(or whatever). I like the idea of having a bigger screen. So what experiences have you all had and what are your recommendations? di
    05-14-08 01:33 PM
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    I have used both and would stick with the nuvi. I have a 660 a couple of 350s and 360s at my desk for travel.

    The usb that came with your BB should work as well.
    I haven't used the 200 but since it is regional the 1gb should work. If I remember correctly the entire US is under 2gb.

    Might want to call Garmin tech support about updating the maps.

    I can be of some assistance if you would like.

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    05-14-08 03:15 PM