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    I will expand off CX post in the Slider 9800 section

    Having used both devices, it's all about what YOU need in your mobile device. Here are some facts: Email on the BlackBerry is better than on the Iphone 4. The screen/screen res on the Iphone4 is light years better than the 9800. IMHO, RIM's new browser is pretty much on par with Safari 5. RIM's method of touch input on the 9800 is light years better than on S1/S2, but not quite as fluid/seamless as on the Iphone4. The camera on both devices are pretty close to equal(not talking about video recording)

    The rest comes down to preference. Of course the Iphone has more/better applications than the BlackBerry. Multi-tasking on the new I4 is nice but constricted in comparison to the BB. OS6 is nice and brings more functionality while bringing RIM closer to the competition. However it does not raise them above said competition. To each his/her own. Some will say one is better than the other and it's all about what works best for YOU.

    Personally I will always carry a BlackBerry. Always. But after having used the Iphone 4, I will be using an Iphone everyday for the first time in my life. It's just that good.
    CX has it right. It's what YOU need. You CAN'T go by what other people are telling you. Everyone has their own opinions. There will always be fanboys on either side trying to convince you which one is better and which one to switch to.

    YOU have to make the choice yourself. Both companies have GREAT phones. Both companies have their pros and cons. I have used both, gone back and forth several times and I still confuse myself which one I like more. I am like that with a lot of things, can never make up my mind. Here is the Honest truth to what I think the iPhone vs Blackberry battle for me is.

    Apple. "Revolutionary" features on their device. By this i mean bells and whistles, design, and newness of how to use a phone. YES that screen is beautiful. Yes it's cool to have a FF camera (read Daring Fireball: 'First to Do It' vs. 'First to Do It Right' - ‘First to Do It’ vs. ‘First to Do It Right’) Apple has made the process very simple to use for the average joe. Simple to bring video calling to the masses. Is it something we really need? Well, to each his own. Some people might love it, others might hate the idea of being on video chat. I have always wished my BB had an AWESOME camera and HD video recording. I do a lot of social network marketing for my business and post videos and pictures from behind the scenes. It was a HUGE selling point for me that the iphone had this and easy integration to twitter and facebook and youtube and flickr and .... you get the idea. In the end, I had to ask myself "Is it REALLY that important?" I had to admit, it was nice, but not a MUST. People will not complain about the quality of our photos. They are happy enough to see pictures behind the scenes either way.

    iMovie mobile is REALLY cool. I mean like wow. That is something that you can't deny is very new and awesome. It's not a selling point for me, but I am jealous.

    As for apps, so far I have YET to find an app that I really NEED that is not on the blackberry. Yes, games (quality, good looking games) are few and far between on BB, but I really couldn't care less (that's me). The only app I have had to pay for on my BB is Whatsapp. I got it for .99 because I bought it on my iphone and had it transfered to my BB. Awesome app to use with iPhone friends and save txt messages. Works much like BBM but still not to it's level. I thought that by having Whatsapp, I would be really convinced my addiction to Blackberry was over. I was wrong. It doesn't have that instant reliable push system that you get with your Blackberry.

    If you need instant access to email, syncing emails, etc. Everyone know Apple is still not at that level. Blackberry WILL remain king of that domain for some time still.

    I LOVE auto complete on the iPhone and auto correct for words. However, I HATED that I didn't have spell check in absolutely every thing I typed in. Blackberry does an awesome job and makes sure your spelling is always right. I think Apple needs some work on this.

    Personalized ring tones / styles. I am sorry, but you cannot argue that Apple is better here. Absolutely everything is customizable in blackberry from LED coverage, to length and number of vibrations. Something that (for me) is REALLY lacking on the iPhone. I like having different number of vibrations for different events and notifications. This may just be because it's something I got used to.

    I can't stand that iPhone doesn't have LED notifications. It's really nice just to look at your phone and see that you have something without pressing any buttons to see if you missed a call or a text.

    I don't like how on the iPhone, your text message is displayed on the lock screen for the person that's sitting next to you to see.

    I feel, the address books on both devices are pretty similar. I still have a preference to BB > iPhone but they are both done well.

    Another thing that many people seem to overlook and that is very important is the phones pricing (not subsidized) Where typically the iPhone is 699-799 and up range, Blackberry is able to set their prices in the SUB 600$ range. If RIM wanted to charge more for their phones, i'm sure they can add many features such as an RD screen, HD recording, etc. I think when you break it down to the prices, both phones fit perfectly into their respective price bracket. Lot's of people don't realize how $$$ the iPhone is because they get it subsidized. But it's a HELLA expensive phone!

    The ultimate seller for me with RIM is: Reliability with blackberry is #1, never afraid i will miss a message or that my message will not be delivered (thanks BBM) Customer service is #1, always replace my devices even for the simplest of problems.

    Hope this clears some thought with anyone looking at the iphone vs BB debate.

    OH... and BTW... BB + iPad 3G combo FTW!
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    I know this is just baiting for flaming but you can't really review a product that you don't have access to. This is as far from a review (biased much?) and should just be titled a comparison post.

    Yes, the BB is good at email and text messaging but the platform is getting stale and that's where Android and iOS is taking over especially in this ever-expanding media-oriented society. I do a great amount of texting and emailing and to some extent BBM but BBM is definitely not a selling point for me which is why my next phone will most likely be an Android device.
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    You are 'reviewing' 2 phones that have yet to hit the market!!
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    Didn't read.
    iPhone 4 > 9800
    06-18-10 08:05 PM
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    You are 'reviewing' 2 phones that have yet to hit the market!!
    The iPhone was released this week to AT&T. But your point is well said. And to the person saying he didn't read and that the iPhone is better than the BB is just wasting space because if you don't have anything intelligent to say, then what's the point? Sorry to be blunt but I hate it when people troll.
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