1. MetalxAssassinx's Avatar
    Hey Guys !, so i've run through a lot of topics and found that i actually don't have Full Data Plan in my Network !, that's how i can't access Facebook/Twitter/App World/BB Protect/Many more Without a Wi-Fi Signal, and for those who are gonna ask about if i have BIS or not, i Have BIS Working, EDGE Network, Noticed that 4 BB Marks Appears when i'm on Wi-Fi

    the only thing i want to know is that RIM's Fault or My Country ?
    i've went to my carrier and they have no idea about that !, though Everyone don't care about these apps as they only care about BBM Working well...

    Stayed there for 4 Hours maybe just to figure it out, well it didn't Work

    and how i can help to make it work here ?

    Blackberry 9900 Unsigned
    My Provider : Mobily AT Kingdom Saudi Arabia

    Thanks all
    03-05-12 08:17 AM
  2. FunktasticLucky's Avatar
    If you are only getting the BB symbol when connected to wifi then you don't have HIS on your data plan. It should show next to the 3G or edge when not connected to wifi.
    03-05-12 08:24 AM
  3. MetalxAssassinx's Avatar
    ok and what should i do?, Talk to RIM or to my Provider or it is a Country Situation ?

    Cause i may not really do a lot,, but if i can do anything about it i would be glad !
    03-06-12 07:45 AM