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    I'm going to have to come out and admit it. The info I've been collecting this week about upcoming changes at RIM is starting to overwhelm me. It's coming faster than I can find and read it. Now don't get me wrong, I see myself as very much of an 'anti-fanboy' (yes I just made that word up). If I see someone unreasonably defending a flaw in an OS, I won't agree with them. I'm also very willing to give kudos to any platform feature that deserves it. I've pointed out great things about every platform on my avatar.

    But the measures RIM are taking this year are something that I feel deserves some extra special praise. (I also think MS deserves it for Windows 8 on mobile devices but that's for another website ) Here are the highlights I've found very exciting so far:

    BB10 unified inbox Currently no other phone allows you to simply single-swipe from within any app to instantly access all of your email, sms, calls, social networks, and then single-swipe back again to the app you were currently in (or another one). It's nice, clean, and efficient.

    Cascades Apparently developers are warming up to this. I don't really know the technical aspects of it but they say it's good so I'll take their word for it. I do know appearance of it looks fantastic. Way more elegant than those chunky-button Adobe Air apps.

    App situation improvements RIM is not only making it easier to port apps to native BB code, they finally got smart and started offering larger cash incentives that only apply to good apps. Brilliant move.

    HTML5 I'm going to steal a quote from this other thread about a recent news article posted there:
    "HTML5, a new programming language for designing Web-based software, could be the single most important catalyst in the erosion of Apple's dominance. Right now, developers normally build different versions of their apps for iOS and Android (and to a lesser extent, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems). Each app plays by different rules. But HTML5 is largely platform-agnostic, meaning a single HTML5 app can run on just about any smartphone or tablet using that device's Web browser.

    This has two significant implications for the software industry. The first is that Apple will have much less say in how those apps are allowed to behave, because the apps will no longer live inside an Apple-controlled walled garden. Second, devices will no longer be measured by how many apps they have, since HTML5 apps essentially exist on every device. That second implication even though it probably won't happen for years, given Apple's and Google's lead in the app race would allow RIM to stop competing on app quantity, where it lags far behind. Instead, the company could go back to pushing the qualities of its hardware, such as battery life, keyboards and security areas where it still leads the market. If it levels the playing field on software, RIM can go back to competing on hardware."
    The positive ramifications of this for RIM's smaller app selection are staggering IMO. Once again, brilliant move on RIM's part to stage a two-pronged approach to their app world by focusing not only on improving native apps, but also html5 support.

    Patents RIM appears to be stepping it up with these recently, which means they're running full steam ahead with future developments and tech. This is good news because it shows commitment to progress.

    Other BB10 improvements I'm not going to rehash these here, I think this is self explanatory.

    New management OK, these guys aren't perfect but they're still a significant improvement over the old guard. Thorstein doesn't need to become some sort of modern icon of cult worship in order for the RIM to do very well under this new administration.

    That's all I can regurgitate from my fried brain for now, feel free to add yours.

    Oh, and for you negative nancies out there, I can deal with constructive criticism to my points. What I'm not going to tolerate are
    1. deliberate trolling.
    2. numerous derailing posts by you insisting that you're not derailing the thread with your own agenda. You know who you are, and so do I. I've started a very clear paper trail on those in question and plan to do my best to see you punished if you pollute my own threads with your antics
    I don't think the warning could be any clearer.
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    05-11-12 11:04 AM
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    Good points.

    And paper trail?? I would like a look at that .
    05-11-12 11:10 AM
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    Thanks, cause I'm getting older and my circuits are fried.
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    05-11-12 11:11 AM
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    Love that disclaimer. Mind if I use it (and refer to your paper trail, of course!)??

    Seriously, RIM is definitely doing a lot of big things. Of course the competitors are not standing still, but RIM clearly has identified problem areas and has plans in motion (no pun intended) to address them. What will be interesting is to see how they will roll out BB10 devices and what the product lineup will look like next year and the year after. Also, I'd love to have some glimpse into what they're thinking for down the road. Short-sightedness is a big part of why they're in the situation they're in, so surely somebody somewhere has some gears turning over the next big thing to help prevent this from happening again.
    05-11-12 11:57 AM
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    BB10 looks like it is going to be great. I can't wait to buy a BB10 device at the end of the year to check it out.
    05-11-12 12:00 PM