1. shadysprings's Avatar
    I just bought a Blueant V1 to replace my Jawbone 2. I have been using both for the past 3 days to compare.
    My conclusion is not what I was expecting.
    - V1 sound same as JB2. I'm surprised. I thought the JB2 was the best. I tried the V1 in both standard and Max voice isolation.
    - For me, the V1 is a WAY better fit than JB2. But this depends on the user. The JB2 feels lighter.
    - V1 has no little nub that needs to tough your cheek to work.
    - The buttons on the V1 are very easy to find, press, and use. The JB2 is not easy to find and the indicator led sits under your finger when pressing it so it's hard to tell if it turned on or off.

    Here's the MAJOR differences for me:
    1> V1 does not let you change the volume from phone. When my V1 is connected, the volume is frozen. JB2 is much better. You can adjust volume from phone anytime and even during the call.
    2> When holding a speed dial button down with JB2, you get a audio confirmation that number is dialed because the Blackberry makes that fast dialing sound. When using V1, there is no confirmation that your call dialed or not.
    3> The V1 has Voice Control. The more I'm using it, the more I can't believe I didn't have this before.
    Best voice command is "Check Battery" - The V1 tells you the battery level!!!

    For me, the choice is clear. The V1 fits my face, and the Jawbone 2 doesn't. But beyond that, it's a really tough choice.
    12-19-08 07:02 PM
  2. jrogers8's Avatar
    This has little to nothing to do with blackberry, but i enjoy the Moto H700 series.

    Thats all.
    12-19-08 07:21 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Good review. I like my jawbone though.

    Here is a good place to post your reviews:
    12-19-08 08:05 PM