1. lexi-17's Avatar
    hiya, i have a blackberry 9500 storm and i have the charger and a usb cable, the charger sits in the phone but its not straight and its wobbly, then the phone chargers and then it doesnt and then it does. if i move the phone it stops charging and it does the same with the usb cable, could anyone tell me if its the problem with the charger and cable or is it the phone, thanks.
    03-03-11 11:15 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    the charge port is going bad i think. it happens sometimes. you will have to get it replaced probably.
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    03-03-11 11:28 AM
  3. valorian's Avatar
    I agree with howarmat. Sounds like the charging port on the phone is going bad.
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    03-03-11 11:41 AM
  4. lexi-17's Avatar
    ok thanks guys
    03-03-11 11:44 AM