1. chobits's Avatar
    So long story short, i always use the same gmail to save my contacts phone:
    gmail - 276 contacts (It's from the google sync apps on the BB)
    gmail - 70 contacts (this is where the new added contacts goes after I deleted the google sync apps by chance)

    And if I check my Google contacts, it only shows the 70 contacts .....
    The 276 contacts are nowhere to be found.

    Any tips on how to make it back to normal?
    12-15-12 01:08 PM
  2. chobits's Avatar
    No one?
    12-16-12 08:55 PM
  3. cevag's Avatar
    You have your Gmail email address on your bb? Yes, have you tried to go into setup>email accounts>click on your Gmail account, select “edit” once it opens up scroll to the bottom and click on synchronization options. Make sure contacts is checked and click save. It will synchronize your account, might take a few minutes to complete.
    12-16-12 09:38 PM

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