1. cherrycrushh's Avatar
    Okay guys,
    I've been really stupid. I dropped my blackberry 9300 down the toilet for a little while. It was fully submerged for about 5 seconds. I then took the battery out, dried it and left it for about an hour. I then blow dried it (which I now know you're not supposed to do) and left it in rice for about a week. I then put my battery in and charged it. It turns on absolutely fine! Then, the problem starts. It comes up with the loading page and then the unlock password page but every time i press ANY button apart from the off button, it goes to a white page and then restarts. So, i took the keyboard bit out and put my phone on the radiator (which I'm not supposed to do either.) But it just does the same thing over and over again! Yet, it's saved my wallpaper, ringtone etc.....Have i short circuited it?! Can i fix it?! I really need some help and advice A.S.A.P!!
    01-15-13 05:11 PM
  2. jesse_h's Avatar
    I think it's toast. Cut your losses and get a BB10 when they come out.
    01-19-13 08:27 AM

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