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    I got my first BB in August and was so excited. It has helped me stay organized and on task...BUT it stinks as a phone! My first phone shut itself down regularly, had horrible reception and dropped calls like a "wannabe" drops names. ARGH!!! My son has the same carrier and would be standing next to me with 4 bars and I had 1 or none. We downloaded software, configured and reconfigured to no avail. They sent a replacement. Hooray. Alas, this phone does the same thing. I am ready to throw it against a wall. anyone else having these issues with their BBP 8130??? any solutions???
    10-18-08 04:40 PM
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    Go to Options > Status. What numbers do you see after File Free?
    10-18-08 04:44 PM
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    3291605 I have a 2 G sandsk
    10-18-08 04:50 PM
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    go blue! I'm in Ann ARbor right now!
    10-18-08 04:50 PM
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    I'm even thinking of spending MORE money and getting the Storm. Wonder if I'd have the same issues. So frustrated. I run my biz with this phone.
    10-18-08 04:54 PM
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    What you are describing is typical of the problems caused by low available memory. Any time "File Free" drops below 12 000 000 bytes, the phone will start deleting call logs and text messages without warning to free up memory. Text messages may be deleted as soon as they arrive, before you have had time to read them.

    A battery pull recovers memory and will alleviate the problem temporarily. The solution is to remove the stuff you don't need (the sample video, wallpaper, themes, other languages, brickbreaker, etc.) from the device's memory. The following procedure, originally written by Forums Moderator Reed McLay will guide you:

    How to Increase BlackBerry's File free memory

    Also, if you have a Media Card, be sure to put pictures, videos, music, and ringtones on it, not in your device's memory. Keep in mind that Media Card memory is not device memory. You have to keep your device memory above 12 000 000 bytes, regardless of the capacity of your Media Card or how much free space it has. Finally, you can't at this time run programs from a Media Card. Programs have to be installed in and executed in device memory.
    10-18-08 05:59 PM
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    the sample video, wallpaper, themes, other languages, brickbreaker, etc.) I have already removed all extraneous stuff, and don't have pics, wallpaper, themes, other languages, videos or music or games on my phone. ??? I only took one pic. I want to dump the sample pics, but it won't let me.
    10-18-08 08:08 PM
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    If you've dumped all that and STILL have issues, get a replacement from Sprint...you got a lemon, seemingly twice..make em give ya a curve this time.
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    10-18-08 08:12 PM
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    I had a bunch of problems like that when I first got my phone. But I downloaded softreset from geekandproud.com. And probably once every 2 weeks I do a reset. And I don't have any problems at all. I have it set to do a clean up after it has been in the holster for more than an hour. Which is usually only when I am sleeping

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    10-18-08 08:13 PM
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    Unfortunately soft reset has been taken down.

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    10-18-08 08:20 PM
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    The Curve is not likely to have these issues? Do you think the Storm will have bugs, or is it not safe to fork over even more money (just bought this phone in August!) for another new phone? Geez.
    10-18-08 08:25 PM
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    The Curve 8330 is less susceptible to memory issues since it has 32mb more memory than the 8130 does. With any new product, there are bound to be bugs, just look at the Bold for example.
    10-18-08 08:32 PM
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    The storm being brand new will have bugs. Your memory is way way way to low. You need to get the preloaded pics off. You need to make sure your pics, ringtones, etc. are on your memory card. I have a pearl and have 6x the memory.

    You also need to update your towers and roaming. On your phone dial *228 option 2 and then *18.

    You do not need to do duplicate posts. We will read your post and post an answer.

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    10-18-08 08:34 PM
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    This could be a situation that is slightly carrier-based as well? I am with T-Mobile as it says. So is my wife and two separate friends of ours have Pearls (one a 8120 and the other a 8130) and we have had absolutely no problems and my wife and I even ashamedly still have the default ringtones and pictures on the phones. The only thing my wife and I have removed was the default Breaker game.

    The microSDHC cards you get should be properly formatted by the BB very quickly and have separate folders; music, ringtones, pictures, etc. The BB will also ask if you want to place all new pictures in the memory card...select YES.

    On your 8130 do you regularly use or "try" to use GPS? I know many people have had major issues with the Pearl 8130's memory (o rlack thereof) for GPS.

    Also check the OS maybe? Here is the latest stickied Sprint OS for the 8130 series:

    10-18-08 09:39 PM