1. pimpinj's Avatar
    So I loaded a whole bunch of music on to my BB Storm, build 9530 about 2 weeks ago.

    It's been playing everything perfectly fine.

    This morning it stopped being able to play any of it. It just says "Error Playing" in the top right, and "An error has occurred attempting to play media." or "This media is of an unsupported format." But they were all working...

    Tried turning it off and on, and removing my music and re-syncing.

    Still won't play them, and it won't even play the sample songs that come on the phone...

    Now, right before this happened, I tried to play a song, and a menu popped up, I think it was a user agreement or something, and I just had a *get out my face* moment and hit No.

    Whatever that was seems to have ruined its ability to play music.

    If anybody can offer some insight I'd be very happy, thanks.
    09-23-09 06:42 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Instead of turning it off and on, try a Battery Pull hard reset. Had this happen to my Curve, and that solved the problem.

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    09-23-09 07:07 PM
  3. Coruptyed's Avatar
    Same here happened few times on my pearl when I added new music batt pull should fix

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    09-23-09 07:14 PM