1. MrsStraty's Avatar
    been playing with it all day. I am downloading my Epocrates RX now for nurses. Big program. Anyhows I'm off to the doctors then I'll be back with questions. 1 question that comes to mind is can you get AIM on this Curve? I see all other messenger stuff but the AIM! I'm loving it so far. Oh yeah also, my OS is 4.3, do I need to upgrade to 4.5? What is the difference? Everything seems ok, so far..

    Thank you,
    01-21-09 11:59 AM
  2. greg24's Avatar
    yes you can dowload aim. congrats on the curve

    01-21-09 12:00 PM
  3. Username00089's Avatar
    Congrats on the Curve. Give it a week or so and see how your phone is running before you decide whether you wanna update the OS or not.
    01-21-09 12:06 PM
  4. oneczyrandy's Avatar
    congrats ..and get ready to stay up late playing with all the new stuff it will do
    01-21-09 12:15 PM
  5. howie's Avatar
    Get AIM from mobile.blackberry.com with your BB's browser under the IM section. As for 4.5, I'd wait. Get used to the device and make sure it works properly. There are a few threads around that describe the features added with 4.5.

    Congrats and welcome
    01-21-09 12:25 PM
  6. pkcable's Avatar

    If you use multiple IM clients then you might look in to Instango, which lets you manage them all from one program.
    01-21-09 01:25 PM