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    I have curve 8330.. Whenever I am in class, I turn it off. So my Blackberry that was fully charged 100% is turned off for 8 hours. And I turned it on after 8 hours, and my batter was at 75%.. What kind of phone consumes battery when it's completely turned off??

    It is a brand new BB.. I realized that my wireless and sprint tv was turned on, but still.. the phone was turned off.. Is something wrong?:smile:
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    10-21-08 03:51 PM
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    How did you turn it off? I bet you just put it to sleep, and it was still on.
    10-21-08 03:57 PM
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    Check to see if your battery has any bubble on it or looks defective in any way. Otherwise I don't know that is weird. Someone else here should know what to do though.
    10-21-08 03:58 PM
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    How did you turn it off? I bet you just put it to sleep, and it was still on.
    This could be it lol.
    10-21-08 03:59 PM
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    This could be it lol.
    Well..,. I pressed the power button to turn off. Also I went to the application and turned off..... Did I do it right??? Could you please tell me the correct way??? I need to figure it out..
    10-21-08 04:56 PM
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    Li-Ion batteries drain even while the device they are in is turned off.

    Li-Ion have little chip's inside them that prevent a over heating, over charging, and it actually assists the battery from dying too soon but regulating the discharge rate.

    This all consume's power.

    100% to 75% isn't something that would suggest this, but perhaps you are only putting it into standby. In 1 day, 5-7% is normal for a li-ion battery to drain when it's not being used.

    On the Blackberry, "Turn Power Off" is more of an extended standby. It's not fully turning the device off.
    10-21-08 05:30 PM
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    Yup, only way to really turn it off that I've found is to take out the battery and leave it out.
    10-21-08 05:32 PM
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    Power and battery
    Turn off your device
    Depending on your theme, the location or name for Turn Power Off might differ from the location or name in this procedure. For more
    information about application locations and names, see the printed documentation that came with your device.
    • If you have not set your BlackBerry® device to turn on and turn off automatically at specific times, hold the Power key.
    • If you have set your device to turn on and turn off automatically at specific times, on the Home screen, click Turn Power Off. If
    you want the device to stay turned off until you press the Power key, click Full Power Off. If you want the device to turn on again
    at the specified time or for alarm or calendar reminders, click Turn Off.
    If you select Full Power Off, the device will really be off. Selecting Turn Power Off will still consume some power, but a trivial amount.

    The big power users are the Wireless network, and LCD backlight. Either of the above choices will power down the big users.
    10-21-08 05:44 PM
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    Thanks alot guys!! But I am still little confused.. I don't get how a phone will consume so much energy while being turned off.. hmmmm...

    So the only way to turn off is taking out battery?? But my old cell phone didn't have to do that...lol

    anyway... blacberry is so hard!
    10-21-08 06:16 PM
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    No, you just have to select the power off app from the home screen and choose "full power off" instead of "turn power off".

    I got the 2600mhzrhifjtzzz battery (the big one) and I have to say its the best investment I've made on this thing, aside from my bluetooth gps guy. It seriously lasts forever. Totally worth the little bit of extra bulk. I even cut a hole in the back of my rubber glove sleeve thing so it would still fit over it.

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    10-21-08 09:03 PM