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    Hi there

    I use a 10 year old 5820 because I find it by far the clearest screen to read (high contract monochrome with I believe what is the largest screen on any Blackberry). It does have an integrated phone but needs an earpiece however as I don't make voice calls that's no problem.

    What is good is with the original battery I am now on day 3 with the battery still at 100%!!! You gotta love the old LCD's

    The device registers on the BlackBerry network without issue using O2 (the local carrier here in the UK). My e-mail works fine...

    However when I try to use the browser I get a "403 forbidden" and "access control configuration prevents your request"

    Any advice on how to get it going? I tried O2 but the Indian Call Centre was clueless even after it took me 30 minutes to explain the problem. "Sir.. there is no Model 5820...".

    Many thanks guys.

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