1. Focker26's Avatar
    I can't seem to get the keys muted when I am dialing. They are muted when I send a text message, but when I am dialing my phone to call someone the tone is still on.

    I know it seems basic, but I can't find where to turn the tone off. Can someone please help?

    10-27-08 12:58 PM
  2. Focker26's Avatar
    BTW, it's the Curve 8330.
    10-27-08 12:59 PM
  3. pltaylor's Avatar
    options>screen/keyboard>Key tone set to off.
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    10-27-08 01:02 PM
  4. vndlewis's Avatar
    You can't. The only way around it if you call from contacts and call log.

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    10-27-08 01:04 PM
  5. Focker26's Avatar
    Thanks for the info from both of you. I did the whole keyboard tone off thing, but that only silences for messages. It would appear the vndlewis is right which really sucks since I have to do a lot of outcalling to people who are not in my contact list for work.

    Oh well.
    10-27-08 01:17 PM
  6. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Pltaylor has the right answer...listen to that and you'll be fine.

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    10-27-08 02:22 PM
  7. vndlewis's Avatar
    What plt has said takes care of tones when typing the keys not the sound made when dialing - which is what I assumed the op meant.

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    10-27-08 02:25 PM
  8. Pitchick54's Avatar
    If you use the "Quiet" profile it will not make the noise when you dial numbers, I have the same problems at work. Same with the vibrate profile.
    10-27-08 02:35 PM