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    Hi all,
    I have three BB: 1 professional 8820 from european company with european carrier ORANGE, 1 professional 8700 from asia company with AIRTEL carrier, and 1 personal BOLD with Airtel carrier. My question is regarding the professional ones.
    As I'm travelling on a regular basis between Europe and Asia I'd lie to use one terminal, and the 8820 of course And I want to limit roaming. And as it is pro BB I haven't the password to change the config.
    A precision: as I'm working for an international company, I have only one uniq mail address for the two pro BB. Maybe thqt's important.
    Sorry it is not easy to explain, but I'll try anyway.
    Here is what I've tried when receiving my Asian BB : I put the ASIAN SIM in the European BB. It worked.
    My questions, assuming I use the European BB, European config, and Asia SIM:
    - for phone call, I guess there is no issue: local communication as the local SIM connect to local network. Am I right ?
    - for mail and data, the route is in europe, does that mean I'm charge for international ? I haven't seen that on my bill.
    - I've tried recently, and it seems it didn't work but not sure as I've reseted my european config to have the euorpean BB set up by my company on the asia carrier...They told me what I had tried was not supposed to work. But you know they are admin, so..
    The goal is to keep one terminal and switch SIM when I'm travelling so that I can keep the 8820 for pro purpose.
    Don't know wether it is clear
    09-05-09 12:56 AM