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    So I am going to be due for a new phone in a few month and I am considering switching form an iphone to a BB device. Looking at what AT&T have to offer, it looks like I would go with a Bold 9700. My major questions is:

    how does the BB handle multiple e-mail accounts. I would have at least three accounts that I want pushed to the phone. 1 would be my work, the second would be my personal G-mail account, the third would be from a website I run. With the 9700 can I get these all pushed to my phone?

    Also I want to sync two calendars to the phone, my work calendar, and my GMail calendar. Will this work?
    03-02-10 01:30 PM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    You can have up to ten (10) email accounts pushed to your BlackBerry.

    Google Sync is available to sync your gmail calendar. Not sure about your work calendar.

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    03-02-10 01:34 PM
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    I have two Yahoo accounts pushed to my 9700, they work fine. I just went through the e-mail set up wizard twice, once for each, and they each have an icon. The calendars are combined, I think. I don't use the calendar that much. I'm not sure how the calendars would work if they were different services but having multiple e-mail services should be no problem.
    03-02-10 01:34 PM
  4. syb0rg's Avatar
    The BB will handle up to 10 independent email accounts. all pushed.

    with google sync you can sync your Google Contacts and G-Calendar.
    03-02-10 01:35 PM
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    This is good info. Work has microsoft exchange, and with my iphone I cannot set up more than one exchange server, so I have to chose one that gets synced as far as the calendar and contacts.

    Looking at the Google Sync infor for phone it looks like Google Sync does not suppoert push or Gmail sync on the BB.
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    03-02-10 01:48 PM
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    Yes you can have your email accounts pushed. Be advised that you won't have the same abilities within email like the iPhone has is regards to being about to organize and view folders for your email accounts. But as far as getting the mail from each account, you will be good to go.
    03-02-10 01:53 PM