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    Our company recently upgraded all 8703e Blackberrys to the 9630 Tour. Having read and experienced dismal run times on the standard issue 1400maH battery I purchased & have been using the Mugen 3300maH extended run battery. Very happy with performance and run times however at the expense of added weight and lack of "after market" cases/holsters with this Mugen option. Are there any other users of this Mugen 3300 battery and if so what type case/holster are you using?...I am interested in a belt clip hard case similar to what the 8703e had as part of their kit. The leather case provided as part of the 9630 kit will NOT properly fit the 9630 with Mugen battery however I am squeezing it in temporarily until I can chase down a better holster. Downside of temporarily using the stock case is each time I go to retrieve the 9630 from the holster I always struggle getting it out or I end up hitting either side buttons.
    The Mugen 3300 battery is a joy to use as it leaves plenty of capacity for use even for those days when I have heavy activity for the Blackberry. Traveling out of state on ocassion prevents me from "topping off" on the stock charger hence the reason for my selection of the Mugen 3300.
    10-26-09 06:57 AM
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    Don't create duplicate threads!


    10-26-09 08:55 AM