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    I'm so glad that I found this website, but sorry for all of the questions. I apologize if there is a thread that answers this question - I did search, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so here goes...

    I have a media card in my phone, and I have successfully put on around 20ish songs on my pearl, so I know that I can put songs on. So, I wanted to put more songs on my phone. I made sure that I had enough memory on my media card and I did exactly what I had done before...
    I went into the Blackberry Manager
    I opened itunes
    I opened the media card
    I dragged the song from itunes into the media card url thingy
    I converted them for optimal version (thing)

    and then I looked back on the media card on the computer and it showed it in the card
    then, I go to my phone, after disconecting it from the computer and it's not there.

    I'm just confused because I know that I have put on the songs before, and I did everything the same, and I just don't know why the songs aren't going on it now.

    12-22-08 09:43 PM
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    After a bit more looking I found that people suggested taking out the batteries for other MP3 issues, and that worked!

    Thank you!!
    12-22-08 10:04 PM