1. alwayspalm's Avatar
    What is the best program to download my cd's onto my computer with in order to transfer to my Curve.

    I have not had great luck with using my ipod library but maybe it is just me.

    I have windows media player and the Roxio watchfolders thing that pops up when i hook up my curve.

    Please let me know your tips and hints as I want to work on it this weekend.

    Thanks so much,
    09-12-09 12:21 PM
  2. hauptm's Avatar
    I use iTunes to rip CDs and then add the MP3s to a playlist I named "BB".

    Then I use DM to load them to my Curve.

    When ripping in iTunes, set your bit rate, etc. to at least 256k to get a good quality MP3.
    09-12-09 12:38 PM