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    I've been a bb abuser for over a year now, but this Oct, I'm being faced with the unthinkable: not having access to a bb. My sister and I are applying to teach English in Thailand, and while I realize that I should be focusing on things like exploring a new culture and gaining new and expanding my viewpoint of the world and things of this nature, I can't help feel saddened that my life will finally be exciting enough to tweet about, and I won't have instant access to twitter! I'll be over there on a pretty tight budget, and will have to be sending most of my earnings home to pay off pesky student loans. I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for carriers, packages, etc, that are reasonably priced (see: cheap).

    Any help would be appreciated!
    03-03-11 01:59 PM
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    03-05-11 11:08 PM
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    Not an anwer at all to your question, but my 2 older brothers (ages 28 and 30) went to Thailand to teach English 5 years ago and are still there They fell in love with everything about the country and have no interest in moving home. They actually ended up getting their Master's Degrees in International Business Management (or something like that) at the Asian Institute of Technology.

    Anyways, if you have any questions PM me and I'll see if I can get a good answer.
    03-05-11 11:29 PM