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    I am scared to death that I will be phoneless upon my arrival.

    The Verizon rep says, oh no problem, its a world phone. But from I'm reading in some other forums everyone has problems with the 8830 working in Colombia.

    I know they are GSM and the 8830 has a GSM mode.

    The Verizon agent said I'd need to call them back to unlock my SIM CARD.

    Verizon has no Global rates for Colombia, I think I'm going to be soaked for something like $2.50 a min.

    My plan was to forward my Cell number to Vonage. But what about seeing my emails? What about texts back to the USA?

    Someone said just use "hot spots", and blackberry messenger, but I don't know jack S about these.

    Should I bag this phone and get a different one?


    I am admittedly clueless. Someone give me the basic scoop.

    02-25-11 07:29 PM
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    Just get the phone unlocked and use a SIM card from a mobile phone carrier in Colombia. You don't need Verizon to unlock it. The are people or sponsors on CB that can do it very inexpensively.

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