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    Hi there,
    Since las mobile smart phone i really loved was BB9780. But i dint liked the double subscription price to be able to use all connections. Or more features. And i didnt liked restrictions of the system. Even after i have seen Hybrid builds. I still saw Android as a more usable system. More which is more close to Linux/Open Source. So i sold it. And got me Motorola Pro+. Which i liked pretty much. But then i saw Motorola Defy Pro and since its closer to BB9780 i got it to. But it is kinda a bit lower on internal memory then Motorola Pro+. But then again it has a better battery.
    So now i want to decide and actually sell one of the motorollas i have now.
    And since i tought this forum is kinda place where people are more aware about how wonderfull a full package of a phone can be. (OS and HW together). I wanted to ask what do u guys think. Which one should i keep and whichone should i sell?
    The Pro+ does feels better in hand. Like a a littlebit better build quality. But Defy Pro's keyboard is a bit bigger. Which is more comfortable. But Pro+ has a bigger screen. I prefer personally better keyboard then bigger screen. But i dont like the Defy Pro having lower internal memory.

    p.s. Teoretically im also sometimes thinking about N900. Because im a pretty big Linux fan. And especially because its Debian based. But i also prefer usability over functionality. If N900 is kinda heavy. I would rather use one of this two motorollas.

    Thanks in advance,
    01-30-13 02:57 PM

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